[Well-Fed Business Podcast] How to stop being treated like the Hired Help[Well-Fed Business Podcast]

How you’re seen by the market you serve and the clients you serve is make or break as a business owner.

And our aim as business owners is (or should be, at least) to be seen as the man or woman at the top of the mountain…

Because nobody crawls through broken glass and goes on long, gruelling quests to talk to the person at the bottom.

So in today’s episode of the Well-Fed Business Podcast, the Evil Bald Genius and Connor Benham show you how to go from being seen as the ‘hired help’ to the ‘trusted expert’.

The one your clients and prospects will crawl through broken glass and the fiery pits of hell to work with.

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The 16-word marketing strategy

I often lament the fact very few so-called professionals in my line of work seem to understand the difference between tactics and strategy.

The most common mistake is to confuse and conflate the two and then to compound the error by thinking the former is the latter.

Short and simplistic explanation: strategy is where you want to go and what you want to achieve; tactics are what get you there.

7 Facts of Uncaring Reality

In his book Think and Grow Rich Napoleon Hill talked about the need for accurate thinking, to have your thoughts aligned with reality and the world as it is rather than how you think it is, want it to be, or think it ought to be.

In a fair and just world you’d think the fact you’re excellent at your craft would be enough and clients would flock to your door, pay you what you’re worth, and never try to hammer down your fees or fuck you over when the time comes to pay.

Alas, the world is neither fair nor just.

Life itself is neither fair nor just.

Why the universe is fundamentally unfair

The universe is fundamentally unfair. It would be nice, perhaps, to imagine we’re all part of some plan or other but there’s no evidence to suggest that’s true.

Things just go on as they are, evolving and unfolding along fairly well understood and to some extent predictable lines, and we, for good or ill, sometimes just get in the way.

Is this fair?


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As Dan Kennedy says, ‘people are walking around with an umbilical chord in their hand, looking for somewhere to plug it in’.

And in today’s episode of the Well-Fed Business podcast, the EBG dresses up in his best attire to dive deep into the meaning behind it, and how you, as a business owner, can become that power socket your clients are looking for.

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