The ONLY Three Ways to Grow Your Business

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Most business owners and freelancers are undercharging.

Is this you?

You’ll find a client who’s resistant to your prices, and you’ll drop your percentage unnecessarily just to secure the work… it’s a de facto price cut.

So in today’s blog post, we’re going back to the foundations… and looking at the only three ways to grow your business...

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1) Sell to more people

It’s the most obvious one, and the one most business owners and freelancers will try to do. It’s why you see people chasing social media marketing, chasing new clients, chasing paid advertising.

Very rarely do they look at the clients they’re already selling to.

It seems like the most obvious thing to do, right?

You’ve got your thing to sell, and put yourself out there on social media and through paid advertising platforms to get new customers… but it’s not easy.

In theory, it’s a case of ‘get more needy people to buy my great stuff’.

But in reality, it’s much more challenging: you have competitors. There’s paid advertising rules you have to abide by. Then there’s the idiots who don’t understand what you’re telling them… so many fucking idiots, time-wasters, wannabes and tire-kickers.

Another reason it’s one of the first things people will try to do is it’s easily available. You can take to the likes of Google Adwords, Facebook advertising, LinkedIn, Twitter… there’s millions of ways to advertise online, organically and through paid ad platforms.

So it’s very tempting, low-hanging fruit. Go pay for some ads, post on social media to get some ‘engagement’, make connections and hope to fucking God someone buys your stuff…

But it’s risky.

Because selling is hard. 

2) Sell more stuff

This one is far easier than trying to sell to more people, yet it’s so vastly underused.

Unfortunately, very, very few business owners keep a list of their customers, let alone follow up with them and make offers to their existing customers. Selling more stuff is simple and easy because the hard work is already done.

You've got a customer who already trusts you. And because they already trust you, they’ll be open to hearing about how you can solve their other problems too.

It’s an absolute no-brainer, so why is it so many business owners avoid doing it?

Current clients are easier to sell to than a cold list, and they’ll pay more money. It’s a highly profitable way to grow your business because the major cost of acquiring the customer has already been paid for.

Anything you sell to an existing customer is free profit.

And the third? 

Beware: it's the most effective and simplest way to grow.

But it's not easy...

Here it is:

3) Increase your prices

So this is the simplest and easiest way to grow your business. Put your prices up by 10%, and that 10% extra income is all profit.

Think about it…

If you sell something every day for £1, and you put the price up by 10% – if you sell 100 of these £1 products, you’ve made an additional £10 with no extra work. Now if you scale that up to your services and your prices… how much does that add to your bottom line every sale, or every month?

It’s the most profitable thing you can do in your business.

So why don’t MORE business owners and freelancers do this?

Out of fear, I suspect.

And if you’re not sure how incremental price increases (or even discounts, for that matter) will affect your bottom line, use the EBGs Scary Profit Calculator (one of the Ultimate Free Gifts with your copy of the book) to try out the numbers.


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