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From: The Evil Bald Genius

To: Frustrated service based business owners

Re: The headache of your business

Dear Frustrated Business Owner,

This message is probably one of the longest of its type you'll ever have in front of you. It's also highly likely to be the most important, too.

And  at the end of it, I ask you to invest £20 on a book and some bonuses to help you get your business challenges nailed once and for all. Make no mistake: there's no "free value" here, not in the traditional way you're used to seeing it. 

Because of that, you may be tempted to skim over what I've written here and jump ahead.

I strongly urge you not to do this.

Instead, I urge you to read every word and consider the message they spell out carefully. Not only will doing this mean your eventual decision will be fully and properly informed, but what I share with you here is educational, useful, and beneficial in and of itself, even if you decide not to get the book.

My message contains value of a kind, although it's not tips, tricks, tactics, and techniques to help you fix your business. No, it's something far more valuable than that: it's the harsh and unadulterated truth about your business.

Still, if I know one thing... I know people are impatient.

So, if you've made your mind up before you get to the end, just click one of the red buttons on the page and you'll begin the process to get your hands on our book (as well as instant access to the nine free bonuses).

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Still with me?

I hope so.

Right now, you stand now at a crossroads in your business. You might not realise this yet. Or maybe you do know it and simply choose to disregard, ignore, and even deny it.

Your choice, to be sure.

And you are free to make any choice you like... but you are NOT (and never) free to escape the consequences of what you choose.

The world is a very different place from how it was even just a year ago. Post-pandemic economic and political turmoil and uncertainty, and even war in Eastern Europe, have conspired to plunge us into the most precarious and unstable business environment I can remember. 

Bottom line: the recession we have thundering towards us right now threatens to make the grinding Recession of 2007 an insignificant tremor in the economic bedrock. 

Whichever way you look at it, there’s a rising level of difficulty surrounding you and your business, manifesting itself in myriad different ways.

There is always someone wanting to plunge their hand into your pocket and help themselves to the fruits of your labour. We are assailed from all sides by every do-gooding, bleeding heart who believes wanting to keep what you’ve earned is “greedy”... but wanting to take it from you by force and coercion in the name of "equality" and "fairness" is NOT...

If you doubt be even for a moment, I invite you to think on your social media feeds, and especially on LinkedIn.

If it’s not unscrupulous prospects and clients giving you the runaround and ghosting you when the time comes to pay their bills, it’s your fellow business owners braying and bleating about how you should “give value” and help them enjoy the success you enjoy without the bother of putting in the sweat-equity to earn it. Business owners who charge for their services yet seek free advice from others on social media are a tired and depressingly common cliché.

Unfortunately, this is NOT going to change, not while we're still human and selling to and doing business with other humans.

Why take action now?

Because it’s going to get worse

I've been saying this for a while now and predicted it the moment COVID broke: the economy is trashed. And now, almost four years on, the aftershocks of the pandemic are still being felt in the global economy. We are facing perhaps the direst recession since the 1930s, and people seem to be sleepwalking right on into it, demanding the government "Do Something" about it.

Get this into your thick head: there's not much they can do about it beyond ineffective Band-Aids and ceaseless games of Whack-A-Mole.

And the only thing you can do is to insulate and inoculate yourself against it by growing a robust and profitable business where you choose and dictate your own income and set the terms by which you live and work.

If you want any semblance of financial or other security, you will never, ever find a better investment than powerful, effective, and predictable marketing, sales, and business systems.

And this is why you'd do well to invest just £20 in M82 and The Most Unbelievable Free Gift EverYes, I’ve possibly invited you to listen to or work with me before, and maybe, like so many, you’ve been thinking about it or mulling it over, maybe putting it off until “later” when you’re “ready”.

Alas, that time must be now because I’m calling you on your bullshit procrastination and your delay.

In short: if you’ve been sitting on the fence for a while about implementing my methods, then take note because time is not on your side and if you delay, procrastinate, and ponder for too long you run the very real risk of leaving things until it’s too late.

There’s another reason to act now rather than leaving it until later, too: the Lord only knows what state the economy will be in by then, let alone where you’ll be with your business.

Still, it’s up to you, although I guarantee your business will not fix itself, and if what you’ve been doing for the last however long hasn’t got you to where you want to be, what leads you to believe it’s suddenly going to start working now?

Get M82 & the Most Unbelievable Free Gift Ever for
 just £20

What’s this ‘M82’ business all about?

The M82 is a 0.5 calibre recoil-operated, semi-automatic anti-materiel rifle developed by the Barrett Firearms Manufacturing company. 

It’s powerful, accurate, and deadly with an effective range of over a mile. It packs one hell of a punch and can take out anything from a single undesirable or miscreant to a lightly-armoured vehicle by putting a bullet through the engine block.

It’s an excellent metaphor for our approach to getting clients. In other words, instead of taking the traditional sawn-off shotgun approach to attracting prospects, spreading our efforts over a wide area, with each pellet having proportionately less stopping power, we pick them off one by one, hitting them between the eyes with the biggest calibre shot we can muster. We know exactly whom we want to hit and we know how to hit them hard and effectively. It’s the kill-shot of marketing and sales.

The downside to this approach is it takes more thought, planning, and work than the typical approach of casting your marketing net as widely as possible and hoping to attract clients. 

Yes, the shotgun approach does work, but it’s why most business owners are struggling to attract the clients they want. Moreover, their challenges are exacerbated by their reliance on social-media marketing, wherein the approach is even less effective than the indiscriminate blast of a shotgun, and can be more accurately likened to a spider’s web.

The M82 Sales Methodology

I’ve built the whole M82 sales methodology as a pyramid.

At the bottom we have the abstract and conceptual M82 Sales Control Model. On top of this we have the M82 Sales Framework, a set of exercises and disciplines, in effect, which allow you to turn the model into a real-world system. And once you’ve populated the Framework, you have the M82 Sales System shown at the top. 

It’s simple and straightforward, but make no mistake, putting M82 to work in your business is no small challenge. It’s simple but not always easy. It’s not so much the amount of work required as the discomfort it necessarily occasions because you have to focus on the fundamental and underlying principles of your business and question the assumptions you’ve been relying on since the day you opened your doors. 

Most people don’t have the grit or determination to do that; and of those who are minded to start, most either give up before making significant headway or water it down to the point of uselessness.

This is good – no, great – news for anyone with the will, wherewithal, and mettle to buck the trend and refuse to accept mediocrity in their business. If you’ll take the time and make the effort to plug M82 into your business, I guarantee your life and business will be dramatically transformed for the better within a few short weeks.

Why focus on sales?

I get asked a lot of questions. Some of them get me rolling my eyes and wondering at the wisdom in maintaining a robust will to live. But most questions are sensible, relevant, and even smart – and they come, for the most part, from sensible, relevant, and even smart people. Questions like…

  • What theme should I use for Wordpress?
  • What’s the best shopping cart?
  • Can you recommend a good autoresponder?
  • Should I use GoCardless for direct debits?
  • What’s the best lead magnet to use?
  • Do I have to post videos of myself?
  • Is Stripe any good?
  • Where should I host my website?
  • Is my Internet domain OK?
  • What should I call my business?
  • How often should I be emailing?
  • Should I be on social-media (and which are the best platforms)?
  • Should I send a postcard or a sales letter?
  • How often should I post on LinkedIn?
  • Do I need a blog?
  • Is SEO worthwhile?

 I’m sure you get the picture. Make no mistake, all these questions need answering at some point. 

Alas, sensible as they are, these questions (and a bazillion more of a similar ilk) have one humongous problem in common: they’re all wide of the mark of the question everyone should be asking, but few are. Hundreds, nay, thousands of people all over the world have solved the problems giving rise to these questions a million times. You shouldn’t waste time concerning yourself with problems others have solved for you. It’s called reinventing the wheel.

The one question you do need to answer as a priority?

‘How can I get clients?’

By way of answer, let me paraphrase Gary Halbert: ‘If we measure success in business as 100, then 99.9 of that success is making a sale.’ That’s as simple as he could make it. In other words, there is nothing more important than making a sale and getting a client.

Something I’ve seen so often over the past few years it’s become a cliché is the business owner who posts an excited update on social-media announcing their shiny new website. They’ll typically reel off a list of people who’ve helped them – copywriters, website designers, graphic designers, headshot photographers, branding ‘experts’, and a whole load more – and tell anyone who cares they’re open for business.

And that’s where it’s tragic because the whole point is no one does care. No one but you, your spouse, and your mother is interested in your business (and your mother and spouse are interested only because they want you to be happy). You’ve been caught up in the excitement of it all, no doubt egged on by your echo chamber and the aforementioned ‘experts’, and spent money you probably can’t afford, and definitely could have spent better, on superficial and largely irrelevant shit you likely don’t need and should never have made a priority.

And what you don’t have is the one thing you need more than anything else: fucking clients.

The question of how to get clients is simple to answer, and it’s a simple if not always easy task to carry out if you’re prepared to do some hard and uncomfortable work. 

It’s sad, but most aren’t willing to do this. It’s far more appealing to listen to the gushing enthusiasm of those who tell you it’s as easy as putting your raw, authentic, and vulnerable self somewhat nebulously ‘out there’. This doesn’t work in any meaningful way for anyone interested in selling anything other than engagement (Influencers are a bit like people who sign up for gender-studies degrees – their only function in life is to churn out carbon copies of themselves and perpetuate the species).

If this approach worked efficiently and effectively, it would be working for you right now. My guess is it isn’t, or you wouldn’t be reading this page and contemplating investing in the book. Not only that, but I venture if you look around at the peers, competitors, and role models you’re copying, it’s not working for them, either (because they’re looking right back at you and copying you in their turn).

How does M82 work?

This is not the place to get into the details of exactly how what I teach in M82 works, although it’s worth spending a few minutes looking at the principles behind it.

Your results are a consequence of your actions, and your actions are driven by your thoughts. The principal philosophy of M82 is to put control of the fundamental areas in your life from which everything else derives back into your hands.

Most people spend most of their lives focusing their time, energy, attention, and thoughts on things they have no control over — other people’s opinions, the economy… even what politicians and celebrities are getting up to in their private lives.

And what they don’t do is pay attention to the (only) three things they do control:

  1. Their thoughts.
  2. Their feelings.
  3. Their actions.

So, M82 is predicated on putting control of these three elements back into your hands so you can put them to work in your life and business and create the results you want.

It works by first getting you to think differently about yourself, your business, and how it relates to clients and then translating that different way of thinking into solid and repeatable actions focused on generating the results you’re looking for.

We can never guarantee our results, of course, but we can massively improve our chances of success by carrying out the appropriate and focused actions.

How is M82 different from everything else I’ve ever read, EBG?

One of the most powerful things I ever learned came from the late, great Earl Nightingale.

He said: "If you’re in a situation and you don’t have any clear way forward and want for clear advice, look around and see what everyone else is doing and do the opposite".

We often paraphrase this as "The majority is always wrong".

Look... if you do the same shit everyone else is doing, you can’t reasonably expect to get substantially different results. 

And if you keep doing what you’ve done to get you to where you are right now, what leads you to believe it’s going to start giving you different results from the ones you’re already getting and trying to change?

When you read those two paragraphs, the truth in them is self-evident.

It's the blind leading the blind

When a business owner has a problem or a challenge, what’s the first thing they generally do?

They hop onto their preferred social media platform and ask the hive-mind, their fellow entrepreneurs and peers, and their friends and family (and the bloke down the pub, to boot).

The problem with that approach is they’re asking for help from people who have the same problems and challenges but haven’t yet solved them for themselves. In other words, the advice they get isn’t so much about how to solve the problem as it is about how to live with it.

The best they can hope for from it is perhaps incremental improvements in their businesses as they nibble around the edges of their problems. 

They try a bit of this and then a bit of that, and find themselves pushed hither and thither, from pillar to post by conflicting and largely uninformed advice from clueless amateurs. They end up spinning their wheels and going nowhere.

It reminds me of how Left- and Right-wing governments follow each other into office in a predictable round-robin played out over the years, each one repeatedly undoing the work of the other. Nothing much ever changes.

It’s like an evenly matched tug o’ war where no matter how hard each side pulls on the rope, the flag hovers around the centre line. Everyone's working themselves into the ground but nothing much seems to be happening.

It all seems like a shitload of effort for no reward.

It all boils down to one thing: you can’t expect extraordinary results by engaging in ordinary behaviours.

If you behave like the majority, then you can expect to get results like the majority. I ask you to look around at the business owners around you and see how they’re faring… and then ask yourself if that’s what you want for yourself.

If it is, then have at it.

Stop reading this page and move on, because I have nothing for you and have no reason or desire to take your money.

But if you want something different for yourself and you’re prepared to tread on toes, ruffle feathers, and even slaughter a few sacred cows, then you’re in the right place.

Because M82 is very different from anything you’ve ever seen before. Instead of making piecemeal and incremental improvements to your business M82 is predicated on replacing it with something better, something more robust, reliable, and efficient.

By the time you’re done, you’ll know exactly how to attract the best clients, sell to them at premium rates, fees, or prices, and have systems and processes in place to make it happen as predictably and reliably as clockwork.

The hard part is it means changing your most strongly held beliefs about life and business and getting you to see things differently.


Let me explain...

Get M82 & the Most Unbelievable Free Gift Ever for
 just £20

See, your results come from your actions. And your actions are born of your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. 

And if you want different results, then you have to take different actions, and different actions must needs have different thinking behind them.

So, to say M82 is different from anything else you’ve ever seen is no idle boast or empty claim.

Bear with me...

I am autistic, diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome in 2019 at the age of 54.

The reason I mention it here is simple: although it won’t be obvious right now, the way my brain is wired has had a profound effect on the way I’ve created, developed, and refined M82 and the methodologies behind it.

I don’t want to overburden you with details here. It’s enough for you to know the words you have in front of you are as transparent and brutally honest as you’d expect from someone with no filters. Someone who has no need or desire to spare your feelings when dishing out the truth about your business and your part in its success or failure.

I, in stereotypical autistic fashion, tend to take things literally. What’s less commonly known is we autistics tend to speak and write literally, too. 

In other words, I say what I mean, and I mean what I say, and you should take my words at face value.

One of the biggest mistakes you could make with me in general, and in reading this page in particular, is to try to fathom some subtle, deeper, and nuanced meaning to my words. Because there is none.

To be sure, there are often profound implications stemming from what I write and what it means for you and your business, but that’s a different matter.

Moreover, much of what I describe here is predicated on the structure and routine we autistics find necessary for self-regulation and to avoid over-stimulation and sensory overload. It’s not obvious, but what’s necessary for me is, in general, highly desirable for you.

For example, I find busy public places with their bright lights, harsh acoustics, and ceaseless bustle almost unbearable, whereas you might find them merely unpleasant and tiring. Thus, anything we can do to make these places less glaring, quieter, and less busy will benefit everyone, autistic or not.

By the same token, structuring M82 to cater for my autistic needs means it’s also going to make for a better, more efficient, and less stressful business for you, too.

In short, I have built M82 Sales System by going back to the metaphorical drawing board and recreating business from the ground up, predicating it on logical and rational thinking and arguments instead of emotional knee-jerk behaviour driven by majority thinking and unqualified opinions.

So, you have a choice: follow the majority and get "majority results"; or show courage, confidence, and self-integrity and do things differently.

What's in it for me and how do I know it's real, EBG?

A question you might be asking yourself is why you’d want to invest time and money in something like M82 because, frankly, it looks like a lot of hard work and my talk around it is kinda scary.

The answer is maybe you don’t

For all I know, your life and business are doing just fine, and you’re happy with the clients you get and how they treat you, find charging (and getting paid) premium fees is a cinch, and never have to worry about where the next client’s coming from.

But the chances are none of this is the case, else you’d not be reading this page in the first place.

Look, most businesses wrestle with one or more of these three challenges, and the fact you’re reading this means you’re probably one of them:

  1. Attracting enough of the right kind of clients or customers. Most of the enquiries you get end up going nowhere even though you spend time courting them and catering to their every whim and brainfart. They seem to be an endless and frustrating procession of wannabes, tyre-kickers, time wasters, and window shoppers more interested in picking your brain for free than engaging you in paying work.
  2. Converting them to sales at a price, rate, or fee where you make a decent profit. Instead, you find yourself giving discounts to price-resistant, awkward, and impossible-to-please prospects who are slow to pay, pay only grudgingly, and, even then, only if you can get them to pay at all because you’re so eager and even desperate to get the work.
  3. Finding the time and opportunity to create systems to make reliable and predictable sales. I get it... you’re working hard and delivering outstanding quality and service, but there’s often too much month left at the end of the money, and you’re running yourself ragged just to stand still. You do get customers and clients, but there seems to be no correlation between what you put out there in terms of promotion and who comes knocking on your door. In other words, whether you get business or not seems random, unpredictable, and wholly outside your control.

If you solve these three problems, you’ll ultimately solve every other problem in your business, too.

I wrote M82 specifically for business owners who provide or have the opportunity to offer premium products and services to high-quality non-price-resistant clients.

Be clear about what I mean here: premium price does not necessarily mean a high price. By this, I mean you don’t have to offer £3k and higher services.

So if you can’t or don’t want to go for the high-ticket sales, the methods I’m sharing with you in M82 will still work for you.

For example, one of my clients is an electrician who has his niche in doing small but profitable local jobs for older people — replacing sockets, light fittings, and the like. He goes out of his way to avoid prestigious jobs like high-profile rewires because he knows they’re high-risk, often unprofitable, and mostly about feeding his ego.

At the other end of the spectrum, I have an accountant whose services are 10x the going rate in his industry. He charges more per month than most accountants charge for the whole year. Moreover, his clients aren’t well-heeled corporates with endlessly deep pockets. No, they’re business owners like you and me who understand the difference between price and value.

So please don’t think you have to build some massive business here with astronomically high-end products and services.

In short, whatever you’re selling M82 will show you how to sell it at a higher price to a better class of clients and sell it reliably and predictably.

Moreover, you can kiss goodbye to tyre-kickers, timewasters, unpaid invoices, discounts, working for free, and being ghosted after busting a gut to get a proposal in to secure the work.

In fact, if you follow what I share with you in M82 these things cannot happen. By design, they are completely eliminated, and with no exceptions.

Look, I've been in this business a long time and have shared my methods with and mentored hundreds of business owners in every industry you can imagine and a few you probably can't, including... coaches, consultants, freelancers of all flavours from photographers, Fitpros, and website designers, to copywriters, virtual assistants, motorbike spares dealers, martial artists, sales professionals, IT equipment providers, IT specialists, social media managers, flat-roofing companies, SEO experts, proof-readers, and graphic designers, opticians, builders, quantity surveyors, cleaning companies, pizza-oven makers, interior designers, writers, electricians, carpenters, plumbers, security system providers, flooring guys, financial planners, hairdressing salon owners, will writers, architects, lawyers, accountants, project managers, dentists, dental-lab supplies businesses, dog-trainers, retailers of everything from telescopes to coffee machines, ISPs, marketing professionals, trainers, healthcare providers, dominatrixes (really), automation systems engineers, physiotherapists... the list goes on.

You get the picture, I’m sure.

What I share in M82 is effective for all of these kinds of businesses whether you’re selling B2C or B2B (both to small businesses or large corporates, and even government) because fundamentally we’re dealing with human beings with all their frailties, needs, wants, desires, predilections, and biases.

In short…

… if you’re selling stuff to actual humans and not some strange race of aliens…

… M82 will work for you.

Fact is...

... I’ve been teaching what I’m sharing with you here for a long time.

More to the point, I’ve been doing it in my own business for even longer.

There’s nothing I share with you in M82 I don’t do myself, and this is not a case of “Do as I say, not as I do”.

Fair warning

Let’s get clear on a few things before you think about delving into M82:

  1. Everything I share with you in M82 works.
  2. Everything I share with you in M82 is a learnable skill.
  3. As with all learnable skills, if you practice them, you will get better at them (although some people have more natural aptitude than others for the skills I teach).
  4. Some people naturally get better results than others of equivalent or even superior skill because of social, cultural, economic, and personal factors and variables we can’t foresee, predict, or control. But all other things being equal, the more you practice, the better you’ll get and the better the results you’ll enjoy
  5. The only way these skills won’t work for you is if you don’t get good at them.
  6. The only reason you won’t get good at them is if you don’t start out bad at them and steadily improve through practice in the real world, using them with real prospects and clients.
  7. If you avoid practising these skills in the real world because you don’t want to get it wrong, are afraid of appearing foolish, or are more worried about what others think about you instead of your own success, then you will never improve, and your life and business will stay exactly the same as they are now.

Bottom line: if you’ll commit to refusing to accept anything less than an exceptional business, if you’re made of the necessary sterner stuff, willing to ruffle feathers, tread on toes, slaughter sacred cows, and stick your head above the parapet in pursuit of what you know to be right, and determined to create an end-to-end process to attract the best clients and sell to them at premium fees, and all without resistance, anxiety, or having you resort to begging and discounts to secure the work…

OK, so it's easy for me to make these claims, but anyone can say and be anyone on the Internet and claim anything they like.

So why should you believe me?

You shouldn't, and I'm not asking you to.

Because you can hear what my clients have to say about me for yourself (and if this isn't enough, email me, and I'll put you in touch with some of them so you can ask them for yourself in person).

So below, there's a shitload of testimonials about my shit.

Not all of it's specifically about M82 because that's a new thing, but remember M82 is the distillation of the best of everything I've learned over the last two decades, and exactly what the guys and gals below are raving about.

What others are already saying about M82...

"If you want freedom (which is the ultimate business success) then this is your map"

I’ve been in the world of the EBG for a while now. When I first talked to him, he told me he couldn’t help me. The business problems that I was trying to solve weren’t the actual problems I needed to solve. I didn’t realise that at the time. I went away, reflected on what he said and came back. It all made absolute sense. It aligned with what I wanted for my business, my life and my own ethics. 

The content of the M82 is the logical distillation of Jon’s methods., developed over his years of real-world experience. He describes them clearly without holding anything back – this is no ‘bait and switch’. 

You can implement the contents of this book and get results – if you do the work. I recommend reading this at a surface level first to get the concepts at high-level, then read it deeply. Then do what it says. If you want freedom (which is the ultimate business success) then this is your map.

~ Richard Diston, The Real Security Doctor

"This book is a must-read for any business owner wanting to attract better clients, increase their prices, and in turn increase their profitability"

This is the book I wish I’d had when I started my business a decade ago. Jon’s approach is a breath of fresh, sweet air in an industry full of bullshitters, charlatans, and uninformed numpties. I’m new to Jon’s methods, but they’ve already been worth thousands of pounds to me... plus a whole lot less aggro, dead time, and energy wasted on unsuitable prospects and bad customers.

As a fellow autistic, cutting away the deadwood is priceless. The Triage steps laid out in this book have directly led to a shit load less stress, fewer worries and loose ends, and infinitely less time spent talking to useless bastards who can’t afford or won’t pay for my services. As for the types who simply want free advice at my expense... they’re history. And good fucking riddance.

If you want to make more profit with less stress — in other words, if you want your business to work for YOU instead of the other way around — that’s exactly what this book will do for you... IF you do the work.

~ Pete Hugh, Cybersecurity Messaging & Content Strategy


"M82 launches a massive bullet at the head of the screeching noises made by bullshit gurus and influencers that fill the business world"

M82 launches a massive bullet at the head of the screeching noises made by bullshit gurus and influencers that fill the business world. It’s the only thing that I have ever seen which demonstrates a business philosophy from point A to Z, full of both foundational theory and practical advice. 

When I see my future bookshelf in 10, 20, 30 years from now, I don’t see any fad books on SEO, copywriting tricks, or social media, but I definitely know M82 will be there. As I go about building my business, I will keep this book very close.

~ Tyler Carl

"This book indeed can improve all aspects of your business – if only you let it. The theory is all here, the execution is all yours"

An excellent, fundamentalist overview of what it takes for a business to identify, attract, and close ideal clients. It is a steep u-turn from the usual needy tactics most sales gurus preach. 

Might seem overwhelming at first read (some parts certainly were for me), but there is A LOT covered, and I will re-read it a few times for sure.  

What I like most about the book is that it focuses on the principles, the “why” behind how a good sales process should go. It’s very thorough on a strategic level, although there’s plenty of tactical advice thrown around.

Jon gives enough examples from his own business, and it’s quite reassuring that for every step mentioned, Jon’s been there and done that. This book indeed can improve all aspects of your business – if only you let it. The theory is all here, the execution is all yours.

~ Illya Shapovalov.

"This book is a must-read for any business owner wanting to attract better clients, increase their prices, and in turn increase their profitability"

This book is a must-read for any business owner wanting to attract better clients, increase their prices, and in turn increase their profitability. 

Jon McCulloch’s direct, no-messing style gives you all the information you need to take action and for me just implementing some of the actions within this book has made a profound difference to my business and profits. 

It will definitely be a book I refer back to.

~ Jonathan Stubbs, MD Skipton Developments Ltd.

"If people want successful, measurable results in their business they need to check their ego at the door, pick up a copy of M82, take aim and precisely acquire their target clients"

My honest opinion is that if people want successful, measurable results in their business they need to check their ego at the door, pick up a copy of M82, take aim and precisely acquire their target clients.

The book is an easy read, straightforward and I couldn’t put it down. I know a lot of it is what we’ve been through whilst working together however I found it an engaging read without any spin or buzz words throughout, just plain English, simple and effective.

~ Graham Beal, Bee Interiors


Random praise for The EBG's methods

Get M82 & the Most Unbelievable Free Gift Ever for
 just £20

Get M82 & the Most Unbelievable Free Gift Ever for
 just £20

Get M82 & the Most Unbelievable Free Gift Ever for
 just £20

Get M82 & the Most Unbelievable Free Gift Ever for
 just £20

Get M82 & the Most Unbelievable Free Gift Ever for
 just £20

Get M82 for just £20 and get the Most Unbelievable Free Gift Ever with my compliments 

If you were to read M82 and do nothing more than plug the M82 Sales Control Model into your business your life and business would be transformed immeasurably for the better within 30 days.

See, I've written M82 to bring you rapidly and fully into my world and share with you such an overwhelmingly more efficient and effective way to run, grow, and scale your business you’ll want to become our client. Helping you grow and scale your business is the smartest, most compelling, and easiest promotion I could ever engage in for mine. 

I’m a business owner like you. If we don’t make sales, I don’t get to eat, and neither does my business-partner, Connor. Regardless of what you think about the self-serving nature of what I share with you in M82, it’s reasonable to assume I’m aware the best way to get you to fall in love with my methods is to show you beyond all doubt our shit works, and I know what I’m talking about. 

But I can’t succeed unless you succeed and short-changing you by giving your anything less than the full picture would be a great way to shoot myself in the foot. Thus, M82 puts everything you need to do in your hands. 

Long experience tells me most people who pick up this book won’t finish it or won’t do anything with what I share with them if they do; some of the more serious readers will make a few incremental and marginal improvements, nibbling around the edges of their challenges but still stand timidly on the sidelines.

But others – a precious, dedicated, determined, and ambitious few – will faithfully and with almost religious zeal follow my advice and transform their lives and businesses beyond all recognition, sometimes within the space of a few weeks or months. 

And of that very special few, a small percentage, maybe one out of a thousand of all those curious business owners who first pick up this book, crack open the covers, and start to read, will realise there’s so much more they can learn from us they can heap success upon success if they so choose. 

They are the ones who will perhaps in time apply to become our clients.

Whichever group you belong to is entirely up to you, and however far you want to take this thing, you take it with my blessing every step of the way.

That said, to help kickstart your work with M82, I've included The Most Unbelievable Free Gift Ever, a collection of some of my most powerful material so you have the best possible chance of success.

I won't be so crass as to out faux prices on these bonuses, but be aware the live events alone had an attendance fee of more than £2,000, and that was back in 2017.

Here's what you're getting...

  • Top Dog, Top Dollar, live video recordings FREE.
  • Business Accelerator 2.0 FREE.
  • Copywriting The EBG Way, live video recordings FREE.
  • Attitude Adjustment, live video recordings FREE.
  • Core Control Daily Battle Planner FREE.
  • The EBG's Daily M82 Emails FREE.
  • Access to The Well-Fed Renegade Community Platform FREE.

GIFT #1 - Top Dog, Top Dollar

"How to become the feared and respected leader of the pack and sell your stuff at (VASTLY) higher prices than your competitors"

Live video recordings, and the manual revealing how to become the feared and respected leader of the pack and sell your stuff at (VASTLY) higher prices than your competitors’ without losing sales or customers (except those you want to lose, cuz working with them is worse than cleaning your nipples with bleach and a wire brush).

Recorded LIVE in Cork at the Top Dog, Top Dollar seminar, this is the last word in premium pricing and premier positioning.

Business owners paid £1,000 to attend this event and came from as far away as Australia and New Zealand to learn how to put an end to being hammered down on price and treated like a doormat instead of a Trusted Expert.

GIFT #2 - The Business Accelerator 2.0 Programme

"Fix your business in 5 easy steps"

A short, sharp, and somewhat shocking kick in the behind for you and your business.

It's a powerful five-part video and Workbook designed to help you get the bare essentials of our methods plugged into your business.

There is more, of course, but as with most things in life the 80/20 Principle applies and I guarantee following just these five simple steps will bring you massive improvements within a matter of a few weeks (maybe even sooner).

GIFT #3 - Attitude Adjustment

"Nail your inner game once and for all"

Recorded live in Cork at the exclusive Attitude Adjustment event, these videos represent the latest thinking and insights on Premium Pricing and Premier Positioning. Containing more than TEN hours of fast-paced content, they’ll give you everything you need to start charging (vastly) higher prices without losing sales, customers, or clients (other than the ones you want to lose because working with them is worse than cleaning your eyeballs with bleach and a wire brush), and to claim your rightful place as the undisputed King of the Hill in your own niche or market.

Warning: do not watch these videos if you’re sensitive, thin-skinned, or easily offended. 

GIFT #4 - Copywriting The EBG Way

"Shortcut the massively steep learning-curve of effective sales copywriting"

In these videos recorded live in Cork, The EBG takes you by the hand and walks you through his drop-dead simple paint-by-numbers system for writing winning copy for your business, whether you're a copywriter or not.

GIFT #5 - The CoreControl Daily Battle Planner

"How to get shit done – without stress, strain, anxiety, or following dumb routines made by idiots"

Win the morning, win the day. Win the day, win the week. Win the Week, then you may just actually accomplish your goals. Discover our unique, bespoke, and revolutionary system to getting shit done.

GIFT #6 - The EBG's M82 Daily Emails

"FREE subscription to The EBG's M82 Daily Emails and get my special insights and offers delivered hot and fresh to your inbox every morning"

Want my irreverent, incisive, insightful, and decidedly non-PC emails?

They're the perfect complement to M82 and I frequently dig deep into the soft and esoteric underbelly of the main principles I cover in the book.

They drop into your inbox every morning, seven days a week (almost) without fail. All hot and sizzling, fresh from the pan.

Yes, I'll no doubt eventually try to sell you more stuff at some point, but you knew that anyway, and one thing I promise you is it's not mandatory, crass, offensive, or tasteless.

I am and my emails are, but my selling-style really isn't.

Easy, right?


Oh yeah, and this is not a free email list. The only way to get onto it is if you own a copy of M82.

GIFT #7 - FREE access to the Well-Fed Business Community Platform

"FREE subscription to The Well Fed Renegade Membership Site"

You'll get to bounce ideas off The EBG and rub shoulders with likeminded business owners.

Access all eight of your free bonuses, and gain access to the archives of a 30+ year long career containing historic trainings, exclusive podcasts, blog posts, and other thing else my generous ass decides to throw into it. 

Imagine a Facebook group if it was actually any good. 

My personal unconditional, cast-iron, no-wiggle-room DOUBLE your money-back PLUS FREE Pizza guarantee...

If at any time between now and the day you die you believe for any reason or no reason at all what I’m sharing with you in M82 isn't worth at least a thousand times what you paid to get it in your hands…

First… just let me know and I’ll ensure you get a full and courteous refund of DOUBLE your money back (and you can keep the Most Unbelievable Free Gift Ever and everything else you may have downloaded with my compliments).

And secondly... I'll buy you a pizza and get it delivered to your door from your favourite local pizzeria, my way of cheering you up and apologising for having wasted your time.  

Can’t say fairer than that, can I?

“No EBG, you can’t” is the only sane answer to that question.

So... what are you waiting for?

Own M82 and the Most Unbelievable Free Gift Ever for just £20

Before you make up your mind...

Here's a cliche for you: business owner waxes disparagingly about amateurs and DIYers who try to save money and cut corners by doing it themselves...

... and then spends a metric fuckton of time and energy on social media looking for free advice and tips on how to grow their businesses and make more money instead of paying for expert advice.

The hypocrisy is towering.

And I see it everywhere.

Copywriters, website designers, tradesmen, consultants, coaches of every flavour... you name, they do it.

I recently had a call with a chap. It was his second call with me. The first was maybe five years before. Back then he decided not to work with me, although I can't remember exactly why.

Fast forward to this call just gone, and at the end of the call, he's in.

It's a resounding and unequivocal "yes".

Happy days, eh?

Errr... no.

Because he then reverses his decision and changes his mind. He's going to "go it alone" to see how he gets on.

There were no hard feelings on my part, although it's professionally frustrating because he'd been going it alone for five years and still saw fit to get back in touch with me.

I blame myself, of course. Something I'd done (or not done) had failed to give him he trust and confidence he needed to stump up the readies. This is uncommon, and was, in fact, the first time it's ever happened to me.

Whatever... what happens next is as predictable and perhaps as inevitable as death, taxes, and the hypocrisy of the paedo-loving Catholic church: he'll plod along making incremental and marginal gains and improvements solving a mountain range of problems others – that'd be Connor and I – have already solved.

And instead of having a solid and proven sales framework handed to him on a plate, one he could get plugged into his business and making money for him within a few weeks, he'll be trying to build it all from scratch and stumbling into all those dead ends, wrong turnings, and blind alleys we've already stumbled into so others don't have to.

Here's a sobering little story for you: our newest member stuck by his word and joined us this week. He has three businesses (one new and two already successful). Within about an hour of getting his hands on our shit he threw his hands up and told us unequivocally everything he thought he knew about sales and marketing was dead, flat wrong. He'll go far.

The opportunity cost in not joining us is massive, especially as we're putting our prices up yet again in the New Year. Every day you're running your biz without our help is a day you're falling way short of what's possible.

Still, horses to water, an' all that.

Look... are you willing to accept you don't know what you don't know. Or is your ego so fragile you feel compelled to meddle in the affairs of wizards?

If it's the former, then help yourself to a copy of M82. You won't get the same time and attention you'd get if you were a client, but I promise it'll give you everything you need.

If it's the latter, then God help you.

Own M82 and the Most Unbelievable Free Gift Ever for just £20