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You've take a very smart step

Whether you've settled for M82 and The Most Unbelievable Gift Ever or have gone a step further invested also in M82 your future success is all but guaranteed, with one proviso: you do the work and then practise what you've learned.

And to reiterate my promise: if you'll do the work and then practice the drills I share with you in the book I guarantee your life and business will both be immeasurably improved within the next 30 days. You're also getting the Most Unbelievable Free Gift Ever, comprising 7 powerful and high-value bonuses from my vault.

That's the hardest part.

It's also the most important part, too.


Because everything I teach you is a learnable skill. As with any skill you won't get good at it until you've first been bad at it and improved. But most people are too afraid to be bad at anything so they'll avoid doing it until they're confident they're going to do it well.

And that can never happen, of course, so they end up doing nothing.

Please don't let yourself be one of them

Now, success with M82 Sales System is predicated on getting the foundations right. If you do that, then the rest is easy. Yes, you still have to work and practice but the results you get will be exponentially better if you do the groundwork properly, first.

Make no mistake, M82 and the The Most Unbelievable Gift Ever contains everything you need and if you follow the steps faithfully you will get exceptional results.

That said, Core28 is the perfect complement to them both and will massively accelerate your progress in plugging everything into your business. 

-- 28 DAYS & 28 ACTIONS --

A complete 'how-to' in wildly profitable client attraction to discover high quality prospects, and convert them to high-paying customers

Who's it for?

Core28 is for business owners typically in service-based businesses. Everything from construction to coaching. Core28 reveals the fundamentals actions you need to take to:

  • Attract the right clients.
  • Sell to them at premium rates, fees, and prices.
  • And do so without acting like the hired-help, working for free, and begging for the work with gouging discounts.

How does it work?

You'll be given an action to take every day, for 28 consecutive days. Core28 gives you the unshakeable foundations of a highly profitable business that regularly wins top clients with these tools: 

  • Target market deep dive: Discover if you are selling to the right audience. 
  • Magic messages: How to craft marketing that attracts your ideal clients.
  • Where to market: Discover whether you'd be better off printing leaflets than Instagram.
  • Pin-point problems: Learn how to uncover your prospects' problems, and get them to say 'yes' to your services.
  • Creating aligned desires: A brutal yet vital tool to separate the wheat from the chaff.
  • Financial x-rays: How to identify those that can, and will pay from the time wasters. 
  • Tongue Fu': How to be seen as a trusty advisor vs. a sleazy car salesman. 
  • Irresistible outcomes: The secret to making sales easy. 
  • Indisputable worth: The process of getting paid what you're worth.

But the biggest impact you'll get from Core28? Focus. Ask yourself when was the last time you spent just short of an entire month focused on driving your business forward each and every day. 

I'd hazard a guess at never. 

Now imagine spending 28 days focusing on your business under the tutelage of The EBG. 

How to get started...

If you are a service-based business owner and you're interested in securing your spot in Core28, simply click the button below, and follow the simple on-screen instructions.