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  • Your Copy of M82 - Powerful harsh truths, lessons, and insights from a 20+ year freelancer revealing my proven system to get paid big bucks, upfront, and on time, every time. You can easily copy the same system my students and I use to attract the best clients, sell to them at premium fees, and have it all happen reliably and predictably like clockwork.
  • Free Gift #1: Top Dog, Top Dollar (live recordings). How to become the feared and respected leader of the pack and sell your stuff at (VASTLY) higher prices than your competitors’ without losing sales or customers (except those you want to lose, cuz working with them is worse than cleaning your nipples with bleach and a wire brush).
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    Warning: Do not watch these videos if you’re sensitive, thin-skinned, or easily offended. 
  • Free Gift #4: Copywriting The EBG Way (live recordings). In these videos recorded live in Cork, The EBG takes you by the hand and walks you through his drop-dead simple paint-by-numbers system for writing winning copy for your business, whether you're a copywriter or not.
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  • Free Gift #7: the Well-Fed Renegade Community Platform. You'll get to bounce ideas off The EBG and rub shoulders with likeminded business owners. Access all eight of your free bonuses, and gain access to the archives of a 30+ year long career containing historic trainings, exclusive podcasts, blog posts, and other thing else my generous ass decides to throw into it. Imagine a Facebook group if it was actually any good.