About Well Fed Business.com

We help freelancers, coaches, consultants, and other providers of professional services attract the right clients, sell to them at premium rates, fees, and prices, and do so without acting like the hired-help, working for free, and begging for the work with gouging discounts.

Our methods are unorthodox and contrarian to the point of being maverick.

While they are legal, moral, and unimpeachably ethical, there is no denying they are not to everyone's taste. Moreover, we, as individuals, are not to everyone's taste, either. We are definitely not for the faint of heart or the easily offended.

We provide a premium service to bring you measurable and trackable results in terms of cold hard, cash. 

For this reason, we do not give discounts, free advice or consultations, and our time and expertise never come cheap.

As a consequence, you will need to be stoic, resilient, and assertive if you want our methods to work for you and have a certain strength of character to work with us.

You will also need to be solvent and willing to invest an eye-watering sum of money to get our help.

If those qualities are beyond your ability to exhibit or develop, you may as well stop reading right now.

If you're still with me, you can learn more about working with us here.

The Team

Left to right: Jon (a.k.a. The Evil Bald Genius), Holly, and Connor

Two ways to get our help


The last word, chapter and verse, on how to reliably and predictably attract the right clients, sell at the right prices.

If you read the book, take my advice, and do the fucking work, I guarantee your life and business will be immeasurably improved for the better within 30 days.

CCX60 Consulting

You can get our hands-on help to install our bespoke marketing and sales systems, processes, and technology into your business.

It's for ambitious individuals and businesses owners who have neither the time nor the desire to do it themselves.