How to attract the best clients, sell to them at top rates, fees, or prices and have it all happen as reliably and predictably as clockwork

Most business owners have one or more of the following three challenges:

  1. Attracting the right clients or customers on demand.
  2. Selling consistently at a high enough price to make it profitable.
  3. Making any of it happen reliably and predictably.

If you can fix those, you fix virtually every other problem you have, too.

And that's what we do: we help business owners attract the right clients, sell to them at premium rates, fees, and prices, and do so without acting like the hired help, working for free, and begging for the work with gouging discounts.

Two ways to get our help


The last word, chapter and verse, on how to reliably and predictably attract the right clients, sell at the right prices.

If you read the book, take my advice, and do the fucking work, I guarantee your life and business will be immeasurably improved for the better within 30 days.

CCX60 Consulting

You can get our hands-on help to install our bespoke marketing and sales systems, processes, and technology into your business.

It's for ambitious individuals and businesses owners who have neither the time nor the desire to do it themselves.